Price List


Services Prices
Application review Free
Onboarding fee per MID 50 EUR
Monthly monitoring fee 10 EUR
Fee for EU cards starting from 1% + 0.10 EUR
Fee for non-EU cards starting from 2,5% + 0.15 EUR
Reversals 0.50 EUR
Pay out on card (OCT) 2% + 2 EUR
Chargeback processing 30 EUR
Rolling reserve 0-10%


Account opening (standard/urgent) 1000 EUR / 1500 EUR
Additional account opening 100 EUR
New additional digipass 50 EUR
Issuance of the certified SWIFT copy to the client 10 EUR
Account balance fee −0,5% per annum
Incoming payments, EUR:
From account in CONNECTUM Free
From other Bank SEPA payments 5 EUR
From other Bank Non-SEPA payments 10 EUR
Outgoing payments, EUR:
To account in CONNECTUM 1 EUR
To other Bank SEPA payments 20 EUR
To other Bank Non-SEPA payments 50 EUR
For detailed information please see our Rates and Fees and Terms of Use.

Exchange rates
The amounts shown in our website in local currency at any given moment are based on real-time exchange rates. CONNECTUM negotiates the best rates on the market for the benefit of our customers, and the exchange rates are calculated in real time. Therefore, the exchange rate applied at the time of completing the transaction may differ from the one displayed at another moment in our website. The displayed amounts are always inclusive of CONNECTUM’s business fees.